BlogTalk 2.0 – live stream problems

BlogTalk 2.0 is just about to begin. I regret I couldn’t make it this year to the conference although I would be happy to contribute to the discourse and meet Mark Bernstein and the Trotts.

So I was happy to see that there was a live stream prepared, but unfortunatly even the modem stream doesn’t really offer anything but sporadic image updates and dull audio fragments. Probably the organizers did not expect so many people trying to watch live.

It’s is not possible to understand what the speaker is saying. And – oh dear – most of the image also shows the audience and not the speaker with the slides (Why wouldn’t they just zoom in? I don’t get it. This is kind of useless anyway…):

And apparently the light circumstances in the room make it even hard for the people there to see the slides.

If the transmission quality is so bad I think it would be better to switch to an audio live stream and/or consider taking the video from the beamer directly. And if all this doesn’t help then there shouldn’t be a stream at all, so that the bandwidth can be used by attending bloggers to update their pages.

Update 1: The DSL stream now works (needed to remove the cache!) and it is better than the modem stream! But the audio is still really bad (and it’s coming from one speaker only – so is there a mono input encoded as stereo?)

Update 2: The inhouse sound system is striking! So maybe there will be better sound soon as well!

Update 3: The DSL stream is working much better on the second half of the day. But audio is still very bad.






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