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  • Fans on Technorati? How could I have missed that…

    I just noticed that there is a “fan”-feature on Technorati. It may be on for years but it never really drew my attention. I have four fans! Beside of Marian Steinbach (whom I know, “Hello!”) I see three other people that I do not know: Tom Roper who is a Information Resources Development Coordinator for […]

  • Weblogs & Discourse paper new link

    Weblogs and Discourse – BlogTalk 2003 paper moved.


    Somehow I missed the site completely: The about page says: Kinja is a weblog guide, collecting news and commentary from some of the best sites on the web. Visitors can browse items on topics, everything from food to sex. Or they can create a convenient personal digest, to track their favorite writers.Weblogs are much […]

  • Podcasting symposium

    There is a podcasting conference at ISIS institute at Duke University (in North Carolina) next week. I also found this podcasting directory for educators and some information about podcasting in education from Apple UK. Speaking of podcasting: If there would be a video feed containing clips like this I’d instantly subscribe to it! My bookmarks […]

  • Workshop on Blogging

    I am in Hamburg at the Campus Innovation conference to offer a small 90-minute workshop on blogging together with Nico Lumma. There are many attendees from the E-Learning community and universities here. I hope I can spur some ideas… Notiz an die Teilnehmer:Die Folien des Vortrags finden Sie hier [PDF; 3,6 MB]

  • Technorati’s devils triangle

    Molly Holzschlag has an interesting report of her visit at Technorati. She has some technological insights and especially some words about tagging blog posts for Technorati. There is an animation (20MB) showing the growth rate of tag usage in blogs.

  • Geman politicians and weblogs

    Here is a short review about some weblogs politicians from Germany are writing. Obviously many have ghost writers and don’t write themselves. They don’t get it. A weblog is not about updated news in a different way – it is an effective way to personally reach thousands of people. If readers feel the blog is […]

  • Bloggers need not apply?

    An interesting article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about webloggers that apply for academic positions claiming that most blogs are not benefitial: Our blogger applicants came off reasonably well at the initial interview, but once we hung up the phone and called up their blogs, we got to know “the real them” — better […]

  • Are weblogs different to forums?

    Peter Baumgartner and Leiff Pullich (after giving a presentation about weblogs in education) had a discussion with others at the Fernuniverstität Hagen about the differences between classical forums and weblogs for discussion: In several occasions we had no convincing argument why discussion via weblogs are different from news groups. The productive atmosphere today (oops: yesterday) […]

  • Removing simplicity in blogging?

    Mark Bernstein writes that Tinderbox is perfectly well suited for structured blogging. It’s basically a concept to add metadata to blog posts. Tinderbox originally was designed with personal content management and hypertext authoring in mind – not blogging. It could be a push for Eastgate if structured blogging is recieving wider attention. Dave Winer also […]

  • Podcasting nonsense

    My prediction for podcasting & weblogging: It will remain as a method for distributing files via RSS-style subscription. But I don’t think it will have much impact in the blogging area. Most podcasts created by bloggers are simply too boring. They can’t be indexed. Passages can’t be quoted. Most of all: you have to invest […]

  • Presentation about weblogs in Hagen

    I am going to present about weblogs in higher education at an event at the Univeristy of Hagen next week. I am not quite sure what the audience is expecting and what how this topic is going to fit into the day. I think the (german) presentations will be video taped and published online. In […]

  • Technorati now allows free tagging

    Technorati now supports free tagging of weblog posts. This is similar to the tagging used at and Flickr. Of course I like it. But right now I am not quite sure how to add these tags into my weblog layout. Should I replace my very own categories wit them? Hmmmm… I should not forget […]

  • Discourse vs. conversations

    I had the chance to re-read Elmine Wijnias text »Understanding weblogs: a communicative perspective« where she applies Habermas’ theory of communicative action to weblogs. I agree with the conclusions of Wijnias’ text at large. But then I stumbled across a dispute of a claim of me that I totally overlooked the first time. Elmine disqualifies […]

  • Situated cognition and weblogs

    Through Feedster I learned about this interesting post about “situated cognition” and weblogs. I can’t comment to that blog post, because I’d need a Bloggger account for that, so I am commenting here: The link at the end of that post points to the slides of my presentation. I think the actual paper is much […]

  • 2004 Academic Weblog Awards

    The Guardian has published a weblog special. And the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle is just in the final two weeks of the “Best of blogs” award. James Farmer (Incorporated Subversion) suggests to run an academic weblog award. Update: You can now nominate educational weblogs: You can nominate as many blogs as you like for as […]

  • How Blogs and Wiki fit together

    Julian Elve describes how he uses Weblogs and Wikis together: I’ve found the writing style that has started to evolve since I had this combination of tools is to scatter thoughts around the wiki-spaces until some juxtaposition forms that is sufficiently clear to create a blog-entry. The blog-entry becomes a picture of my thinking at […]

  • Enterprise knowledge management with weblogs

    Michael Angeles ( has published a presentation called “Supporting enterprise knowledge management with weblogs: A weblog services roadmap”. (Slides [4.6 MB PDF], Slides with notes [4.6 MB PDF]). It was presented at the Computers in Libraries 2004 conference in Washington: My talk proposed a roadmap for providing weblog-related information services and suggested approaches for dealing […]

  • BlogTalk 2.0 – comments

    I am trying to get the best out of the net about BlogTalk. Currently there is the Q & A session of the first panel. I missed the presentations because of the streaming issues noted before. See: BlogTalk topic exchange channel Good coverage from Roland Tanglao Lilia Efimova

  • BlogTalk 2.0 – live stream problems

    BlogTalk 2.0 is just about to begin. I regret I couldn’t make it this year to the conference although I would be happy to contribute to the discourse and meet Mark Bernstein and the Trotts. So I was happy to see that there was a live stream prepared, but unfortunatly even the modem stream doesn’t […]