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  • Google Talk

    A lot of rumors about Googles new instant messaging application last week: today Google Talk was released. It’s possible to log into Google Talk with any Jabber-compatible Instant Messenger (because it uses the XMPP protocol). But while they use Jabber as technology it does not connect to the existing Jabber servers around. That is really…

  • Bretton Woods II

    German e-Zine Telepolis writes about the Bretton Woods II theory that tries to explain the current world economy. Complex stuff if you’re not into world economics. The theory is around for quite some time now. Read about the Bretton Woods System.

  • How to hire a product manager

    Here is someone with a lot of experience in hiring product managers talking about how to hire one: So what do I look for in a PM? Most importantly, raw intellectual horsepower. I’ll take a wickedly smart, inexperienced PM over one of average intellect and years of experience any day. Product management is fundamentally about…

  • Gizmo here – Skype gone

    On Sunday I decided to switch my DSL provider. After I entered their online form, I recieved their confirmation on Monday. On Wednesday morning I got their package with a brand new DSL/WLAN modem/router and all login data required. Setting it up was a snap. Everything worked out of the box. I also recieved Internet…

  • 25 dificult questions you could be asked in a job interview

    This is an very interesting collection of questions for job interviews. Very good to be prepared for those in case you plan to have one.

  • Fighting DRM

    Cory Doctorow responds to digital rights management advocate Chris Anderson from Wired Magazine: DRM isn’t protection from piracy. DRM is protection from competition.

  • Patents can allow BigCos to annihilate open source?

    This german news item ( speculates that software patents in Europe will allow big companies like Microsoft to kill the open source movement. It forces open source projects to play according to the rules of capital. Patents are nothing more than land mines in a economic war. I can’t see why Microsoft wouldn’t use patents…

  • Designing success and small companies

    Maish R Nichani on Yet another article on the importance of design. This one from Inc. magazine reports that even small companies are using the design factor to gain a competitive advantage. (The May 17 issue of Business Week featured The Power of Design and the June issue of Fast Company featured Masters of…

  • Chris Lydon interviews

    I really love to listen to the Chris Lydon interviews. Always a gem.