Information Design and the Monetary System

I am personally interested in how the lack of information or proper presentation of that information led to the current financial crisis. Obviously the information was available — but not well understood, not correctly aggregated or falsely interpreted by politicians that were responsible for phony policies and flawed legislations.

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Feedburned my RSS feed

Most of the traffic on this site is generated by the RSS feed I provide. I wanted to have more reliable stats about this and thus I decided to republish it through Feedburner. There is no need to update the URL of my feed (there is a redirect).

It takes a while until I can see some fancy statistics on Feedburner. Right now I can only see how many people are subscribed to the feed.


FeedBurner shows how many people have subscribed to the feed with what software/service. It also counts how often a post is viewed and clicked upon.