Thinking alternatives: From “Mobile” to “Mobility”

Shai Agassi is the CEO of The Better Place to get rid of oil dependency (especially for running vehicles). The idea: Give away electric cars for free (like mobile phones) and make the batteries part of the electric grid system (instead of a costly component of the car). You basically pay for miles, thus the […]

Crisis or not

Now watch closely what is going on here: On one side Claude Mandil (head of IEA) and Klaus Töpfer (head of the UNEP) warn about global energy crisis due to the dependence of oil and the latest development on the oil markets. On the other side OPEC moves to calm fears by re-iterating that tey […]

Eating fossil fuels

After doing a detailed math about energy resources and consumption Dale Allen Pfeiffer casts a dark image of the future if controlling the earth population will not happen anytime soon: Should we fail to acknowledge this coming crisis and determine to deal with it, we will be faced with a die-off from which civilization may […]