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Mark Bernstein posts a thumbnail of the way he takes notes on conferences. I was at last years BlogTalk trying to use my weblog to report. It didn’t really work: there was too much hassle fiddling with the software and not thinking about the words.

I am using Tinderbox for some time now and it has changed the way I blog: I try to get more out of my blogging in the long run: Tinderbox is about relations. Sporadically I try to link to other posts. Jeremy Cherfas was the one weblogger I remember at BlogTalk 1.0 who was interested in talking about Tinderbox.

Looking at Marks sample today I am determined to use Tinderbox at the next conference. I wonder how Mark is working with his map later.

I tried to use it at the university when listening to lectures of collegues, but my success was limited: there is some exercise required to take notes with such a tool, so that you end up with something useful when the session stops.






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