Enterprise knowledge management with weblogs

Michael Angeles (UrlGreyHot.com) has published a presentation called “Supporting enterprise knowledge management with weblogs: A weblog services roadmap”. (Slides [4.6 MB PDF], Slides with notes [4.6 MB PDF]). It was presented at the Computers in Libraries 2004 conference in Washington:

My talk proposed a roadmap for providing weblog-related information services and suggested approaches for dealing with the problem of making weblog output of use to the organization. The idea is that the library can position itself to support individuals and communities of practice that express the need to use grass-roots tools for knowledge capture and dissemination such as weblogs and wikis. I talked briefly about the benefits of using weblogs for individual knowledge creation as opposed to using larger KM solutions selected from the top down, and the implications for IT of an information ecology with a diverse set of people using different technologies for publishing data in a distributed manner all over the intranet. In the near term I suggested first steps towards supporting knowledge creation with RSS. I suggested methods for providing access to aggregated blog output as next steps. And as a far off goal, I discussed the integration of output from sources such as blogs with other enterprise information using social software and social network analysis.






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