Geman politicians and weblogs

Here is a short review about some weblogs politicians from Germany are writing. Obviously many have ghost writers and don’t write themselves. They don’t get it. A weblog is not about updated news in a different way – it is an effective way to personally reach thousands of people. If readers feel the blog is written by hired ghostwriters, they probably turn away (because it is not the ghostwriters they want to elect). So essentially if they have ghostwriters (and I can’t see how they could do without), these must be VERY close to the candidate’s way of writing/thinking or they should appear as assistant bloggers. People are so fed up with mimicry, that they expect real voices now.

But the main story of the review is about content: What topics are these blogs touching? I am not quite sure, if that is really an important question. Politicians could put an list of press releases online if they want to state their views. Blogs are about authenticity and personality. People want to know what candidates have in mind – not how well they care about their impression.






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