Interfaces for aggregators

Dave Winer thinks Radio Userland has a better interface for reading RSS feeds:

RSS readers that work like Usenet readers are a waste of time, imho. Aggregators should not organize news by where items came from, just present the news in reverse chronologic order.

Of course I disagree. I was turned off by Radio Userlands HTML-based interface long ago and I switched to NetNewsWire because it offers exactly what Dave considers to be a waste of time. Radio Userland keeps me away from organizing myself. Currently I have 93 subscriptions in 12 categories. That compiles to 400-700 unread headlines at average. And it is no problem, because I can easily decide to read just one category at a time. Radio Userland does not allow me to do that so easy and it has enormous performance problems with large amounts of posts. NetNewsWire takes a fraction of that time to display the headlines. Maybe Dave Winer should try to work with Radio Userland on an average computer once.






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