libavg – Kiss Director goodbye?

libavg is a very interesting package for multimedia installations:

libavg is a high-level multimedia platform with a focus on interactive installations. It is meant to pick up where Macromedia Director leaves off and gives you high-quality hardware-accelerated visuals as well as easy and flexible authoring, testing and deployment. libavg integrates well with other open-source solutions for sound, networking and hardware device support, resulting in a complete and well-integrated package. It uses an xml-based layout language for screen design and python as scripting language.

libavg aims to replace Macromedia Flash or Macromedia Director with following design goals: high-quality visuals, high-quality sound, quick authoring, support for a broad range of systems and openness for expansion (see also the features page for details).

And best of all: it uses Python, which is a clean, simple, fast and easy to learn object-oriented scripting language.






2 responses to “libavg – Kiss Director goodbye?”

  1. Stefanos

    How exactly does libavg works? how to use it under ubuntu and where is an easy-step-by-step guide to begin?
    Thank you in advance, great article 🙂

  2. Oliver Wrede

    Dear Stefanos! My post about libavg is from October 2006! I did not follow the project closely, but I’m amazed that libavg is still around. It seems to be a pet project of Ulrich von Zadow (see I suggest you refer to the Forum ( to get involved with it.

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