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I recently switched to a new mobile phone with SymbianOS. Nothing spectacular. It was cheap as I was extending my contract. It is a Nokia 3230. The user interface really has serious issues (which I think is amazing for a multi-million dollar company like Nokia that does not sell phones only by their external look).

I am not so much into mobile phones and I am not willing to spend lot’s of money to be an early adopter. I am more “early mainstream” in this.

I was looking for a free solution to post pictures online in a second. I was not satisfied with PicoBlogger or LifeBlog and I also did not want to use pricy MMS messages for submitting large images.

Now I found SplashBlog. This service seems to be straight forward and free for a limited amount of images. So from now on you might find some images from me on my SplashBlog site.

Update: I found something better: the fastest way to get photos online with a Symbian phone ist ShoZu. Once you have a Flickr account it’s just a click and it will be uploaded to Flickr in the background. Nice.






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