Presentation about weblogs in Hagen

I am going to present about weblogs in higher education at an event at the Univeristy of Hagen next week. I am not quite sure what the audience is expecting and what how this topic is going to fit into the day. I think the (german) presentations will be video taped and published online. In the afternoon there will be a roundtable about the assessment of curricular structures and the role e-learning activities could play.

I was thinking yesterday about playing some radical mindgames and sketch some speculative scenarios. But I reverted these thoughts, because they do not help the main topic of my presentation too much. It is more important to really get the idea across what kind of new quality weblogs are and to offer a good framing of the corresponding questions.

My intention is to approach the topic of “learning through authorship” from a different angle. The usual approaches have been to ask what changes might occur to the current situation. So if it would be possible to sketch out a completely arbitrary and utopic scenario then I hope it could help to come to research questions, that target some concepts ebout higher education that many of use take for granted. The weblog topic is an interesting jump start for this because in turns the role of learners from receiving ends into potential network nodes. My understanding is that this changes the rules of the game and we need to ask in which way it canges and if we could design and implement certain outcome.






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