Pros and Cons of Wikis in education

Here is a summary of experiences with using a Wiki in a educational project. Obviosly a Wiki structure has some advantages over a weblog system (more focussed on content creation and hypertext structure). A Wiki is better suited to generate a set of encyclopedic pages, while a weblog works better as a messaging and news hub in a group.

What I’d like to do is this: I’d start with a modest number of pages in a Wiki and then relate this to news items we collected over the last years. I really can see this being two sides of a medal: one for the activity related to particular courses – and one for glueing this all together with a number of short memos about particular keywords. The Wiki would be more result oriented with a long term vision – the weblogging would be work and task oriented with narrowed perspectives. The Wiki would offer orientation in the chaos – the weblogs would generate the buzz and the dynamics.






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