Removing simplicity in blogging?

Mark Bernstein writes that Tinderbox is perfectly well suited for structured blogging. It’s basically a concept to add metadata to blog posts. Tinderbox originally was designed with personal content management and hypertext authoring in mind – not blogging. It could be a push for Eastgate if structured blogging is recieving wider attention. Dave Winer also points to data blogging which he says takes the idea further.

I am somewhat sceptical about data blogging. There are too many implementation details involved: weblog software developers would have a hard time to come up with simple solutions that users will like. Some power bloggers may anhance their HTML pages with this, but the real secret to success is syndication. I can’t imagine a simple way of how such meta data enriched blog posts will be aggregated and presented to users in a consistent way.

Paolo Valdemarin thinks similar.






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