New Seminar »Artificial Intelligence and Design«

The seminar this summer semester 2024 will be about artificial intelligence and design. Clearly there is a lot of shake-up coming from artificial intelligence. It is about time to explore what this means for designers, design and design education.

Artificial intelligence has become a dominant topic since the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI. New AI innovations are presented almost daily and it is foreseeable that all areas of work and life will be affected – including, of course, the field of design. Some design working methods need to be reviewed and questioned. However, other fields of work are also facing radical changes and are trying to identify sensible options and position themselves in relation to AI developments.

»Generative AI is one of the most exciting and powerful technologies of our time, but it also presents new challenges and risks that we need to address thoughtfully and proactively.«

Sam Altmann, CEO, OpenAI

This development is accompanied by a debate about the opportunities and risks. It is also important to examine the relevant viewpoints and reflect on the debate in order to engage with the phenomenon of artificial intelligence from a technology and socially critical perspective.

Here are some presentations, that some may finde interesting to watch:

Outcome of this seminar

Participants understand the basics of artificial intelligence and design in the context of the associated technological changes. They explore conceptual and design issues and questions dealing with AI in design practice. This engagement with the topic is intended to provide an introduction to a sustainable examination of the influence of new technologies on their own field of work.