Why presidential candidate weblogs aren’t working

Dave Winer figured out that weblogs of presidential candidates don’t work. Dave Winer:

Yesterday I was interviewed about presidential weblogs.
Got me thinking. I keep reading the candidate weblogs, waiting to be inspired, or even interested. So far the only one worth pointing to, imho, is the DNC weblog. It’s the only one that’s engaged, in gear, doing stuff. I feel pity for poor John Edwards, trying so hard, but feeling strongly that his time could be spent in much better ways.
Then I figured out what the candidates aren’t getting about weblogs, and why it’s hopeless for them to do their own blogs, at least for 2004. When people say they want the candidates to blog, they’re not stating their wishes accurately. What they really want is to know the candidate as well as they know their favorite bloggers. If one writes publicly without editing every day for a few years, people get an idea of how your mind works. This builds trust, the kind of trust a candidate just can’t build in a couple of months of stump speeches.

I think this is inline with following statement from me (made here):

Oliver Wrede: Weblogs are not special because of their technology but because of the practice and authorship they shape. And it is a practice that will require a weblog author to be “connected” to processes, discourses and communities.






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