Design education reconsidered

Colleen Taugher is speaking out what many (me too) are propagating for a long time now: It is clear that the most exciting design professionals work in complex, multi-disciplinary, dispersed teams in order to develop innovative solutions to some of modern life’s slipperiest problems. While design students will still need some old-school training in basic […]

Pace, Timing and Rhythm in Information Architecture

Andrew Dillon in December 2004 joined the group of thinkers that question simplistic approaches to effiiciency of communication that ask for speed instead of pace: Is there a temporal aspect to interaction that we should acknowledge? Surely there is a pace that leads to the best fit for each of us between tool and task, […]

NextD journal

I just came across the NextD site – an organisation located in New York – with some interesting interviews – the latest with Richard Saul Wurman. NextDesign Leadership Institute was created as an experiment in innovation acceleration. We wondered if it might be possible for a small team of practicing designers to help speed the […]