Impact of design on stock market performance has news on the economic value of design that has been published by the Design Council UK: Evidence for the link between shareholder return and investment in design has been scarce and anecdotal. An analysis of the British stock market has shown that companies that invest effectively in design, have outperformed the rest of […]

Design hypothesis vs. Scientific hypothesis

As a comment to the Rotman Management design issue (pdf) magazine Victor Lombardi quotes Jeanne Liedtka from page 12: The most fundamental difference between the two, they argue, is that design thinking deals primarily with what does not yet exist; while scientists deal with explaining what is. That scientists discover the laws that govern today’s […]

Gurus vs. Bloggers

Andrei Herasimchuk has posted the first Gurus v. Bloggers Design Shootout, comparing the sites of Richard Saul Wurman, Bruce Tognazzi, Peter Merholz, Jakob Nielsen, Edward Tufte, Gerry McGovern, Donald Norman, and Andrei himself against design bloggers Jeffery Zeldman, D. Keith Robinson, Andy Budd, Didier Hilhorst, John Gruber, Greg Storey, John Hicks, and Josh Williams. The […]

Between life and death: There are just three design principles

Students love to ask this question: “Is there any common strategy to design?”. Then I usually reply: “Yes, clearly there are three simple common strategies!”. They are: Creating order from chaosCreating chaos from orderCopy from the best examples Information designers usually have to create order from chaos. Information overload does not mean “too much information” […]

Self reference

I found this year-old posting over at Mark Bernstein about Clement Mok writing this in “Designers: Time for Change”: “In the ensuing years, the deadening effects of social turmoil followed by stagnation and, later, the sheer volume of work created by waves of economic expansion engendered an environment of complacency. Designers increasingly just scrubbed and […]

That Tricky Word, ‘Design’

Peter Merholz talks about dismissing the word »Design« in the marketing language of his company Adaptive Path: What’s wrong with “design”? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the practice, but plenty wrong with the word’s associations. […] Design, with a capital D, ought to stretch beyond tactics, and into strategy. Design methods are brilliantly suited to […]