Project Natal

Obviously Microsoft feels the need to claim back some market share the Nintendo Wii took away with a new controller type. Project Natal is utilizing a range of biometric sensors for body motion, face and voice recognition.

The video is more a vision than an actual feature presentation. But it is clear what the goals are.

Here is another Video from the demonstration that shows what is possible right now:

Hobnox Audiotool – Kewl! Totally!

Next week Hobnox will launch the first Beta version of the community website. And we will integrate Flash-based tools to manipulate a content library. Here is an appetizer…

Most areas of the site will start out as closed beta and/or demos, but we want to slowly ramp up the features and the design. We have many ideas on the drawing board, but we want the users to participate in the development.

If you live in Berlin there will be a festival on 28th of Februrary (with the nominees from the evolution contest playing). Some performances will be streamed live over the Internet.

There are still many projects online that did not make it to rank 1-3 but are worth a look.

Soon you will be able to log-in, play around and add your own profile and content to the system. You can apply for the closed beta now.

News from the evolution

The Hobnox evolution contest is half way through and there are now 280 submissions in three categories: music (220), film (79), urban culture (30). There are regular “news” with portraits of some of the contestants on the Hobnox channels like this:

For example »Twisted Reality« by Johannes Guerreiro and Krystian Majewski from the Koeln International School of Design.

Sign-up and rate projects to win one of three iPod touch!