The IRAQWAR.RU analytical center was created recently by a group of journalists and military experts from Russia to provide accurate and up-to-date news and analysis of the war against Iraq. The following is the English translation of the IRAQWAR.RU report based on the Russian military intelligence reports. This site posting reports that draws a different […]

America’s Image Further Erodes »Anti-war sentiment and disapproval of President Bush’s international policies continue to erode America’s image among the publics of its allies. U.S. favorability ratings have plummeted in the past six months in countries actively opposing war – France, Germany and Russia – as well as in countries that are part of the “coalition of the […]

Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war

»Secret document details American plan to bug phones and emails of key Security Council members. […] Details of the aggressive surveillance operation, which involves interception of the home and office telephones and the emails of UN delegates in New York, are revealed in a document leaked to The Observer.« [blogdex] Read that secret document.

US to punish German ‘treachery’?

The Observer: »The plan – discussed by Pentagon officials and military chiefs last week on the orders of Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld – is designed ‘to harm’ the German economy to make an example of the country for what US hawks see as Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s ‘treachery’. […]Another Pentagon source said: ‘The aim is to […]

CNN transcript is cut a bit short

On Friday the 14th of February presented a “transcript” of Hans Blix’s presentation to the U.N. Security Council concerning the progress of weapons inspections in Iraq. Comparison with other transcripts, notably that presented by the BBC , reveals that a substantial section of the presentation was omitted in the CNN version. The missing text […]