OPML Editor (Frontier in disguise?)

About window of Frontier 5.1.2 Over 24 years ago I learned about a Mac application called »Frontier«. This application taught me, that the Internet is actually a programmable environment. I think originally it was created as an application development tool in 1992 for automating MacOS with a script language called UserTalk (before Apple came up […]


I always had a special interest in tools that help authors to think. Outliners were fine, but they very often lacked visual context. Some mind mapping tools were fine – but these often did not do a good job maintaining a coherent structure in the text or good typography. Scrivener just seems to be a […]


Pathways is a little mapping tool for Wikipedia. It represents visited Wikipedia pages with a graphical network of boxes. Once you have collected and arranged a map view of your Wikipedia session, you can save the result as a Pathway file. The files Pathway creates are XML. So it should be very easy to transform […]


This must be one of Dave Winers favourites: Grazr is a DHTML based outline browser: You can link to OPML files (that again may link to OPML files). You can create virtual hierarchies of OPML files, RSS feeds and other Grazr outlines. Winer called that idea a World outline. People with a pre-WWW Internet experience […]


WebnoteHappy is a nifty little application that makes life with bookmarks (both in browser and on del.icio.us) much easier. It is a $25 dollar shareware with a 30 day free trial. More generally thinking I asked myself how many people actually do Paypal donations on “donationware”? Would these little applications make a better profit if […]

Plone 2.5

There is a new version of Plone out for some weeks now as well as a roadmap for future releases. The homepage of plone.org has also been redesigner to emphasize the key selling arguments of the Plone CMS. I have seen in the “inner workings” of a number of content management systems. I think Plone […]


AjaxOS is a concept that allows an OS to use remote AJAX-based applications to be treated as if they were local. Michael Robertson presents his view of AjaxOS. He claims that moving software into services is going to be successful and a way to compete with Microsoft. Besides he admits that they never will clone […]

Anthracite Web Mining Desktop

This tool is used to enable some kind of visual programming with apple script components Metafy’s Anthracite Web Mining Desktop toolkit gives you the tools you need to build powerful data processing systems with an easy-to-use visual interface that makes complex manipulations quickly possible. Anthracite is built for people who need to transform internet sources […]

Zope & Twisted

I was discussing to implement some web projects based on either Zope or the Twisted framework. The latest version of Zope 3 now replaces the internal ZServer with the Twisted framework. Maybe this distinction becomes more or less obsolete: The ZServer has been replaced with the Twisted server. The Twisted server supports all that the […]