Unintended Consequences: Four Years under the DMCA

Since they were enacted in 1998, the “anti-circumvention” provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), codified in section 1201 of the Copyright Act, have not been used as Congress envisioned. Congress meant to stop copyright pirates from defeating anti-piracy protections added to copyrighted works, and to ban “black box” devices intended for that purpose.
In practice, the anti-circumvention provisions have been used to stifle a wide array of legitimate activities, rather than to stop copyright piracy. As a result, the DMCA has developed into a serious threat to important public policy priorities: free expression, scientific research, fair use, competition and innovation.

Business-centred design

Guuui.com: “The user-centred design approach has been taken on from the field of software development to the field of web development. But software applications and web sites are not similar. Thinking of web site visitors as users misses the point, that most web sites have a strategic objective to meet. Balancing users’ needs and strategic objectives requires us to move beyond the boundaries of user-centred design.”

Discourse Systems

“Discourse Systems is a newsletter and directory of resources about computer-supported consensus building, conflict resolution and decision-making, using Internet groupware, knowledge-based systems and process models of argumentation, deliberation and negotiation. We focus on e-democracy and e-governance applications, for all phases of the policy-making life cycle: agenda setting, analysis, policy creation, implementation (including electronic service delivery), and monitoring.”


There seems to be what Worlds.com or ActiveWorlds (formerly »Alphaworld«) always meant to be.

I was once asked to do a concept for a similar project called Nikoworld. The company hired 80 people that were working on 3D enviroments and high-end machines – no concept. To deliver a concept I asked to set up my own team, my own shedule and a fixed budget I can manage on my own. That seemed to be too much – I never heard of them anymore. Now this startup is history like so many others that tried to make money with technology but without ideas.


“After downloading Safari today, I was a little surprised to find that the version of Apache which Apple distributes in OS X 10.2.3 does NOT yet support Rendezvous, therefore NO web servers were visible under the Rendezvous section of Bookmarks under Safari. So… I decided to solve that.
mod_rendezvous ADDS RENDEZVOUS SUPPORT to the Apache 1.3.x web server (personal web sharing) built into Mac OS X.”

Critical Safari bug?

This german Mac site claims to have reports of Mac users that lost their complete home directory when using Safari for downloading files from the Internet.

I haven’t seen this bug while using Safari, but if that report is true this would really be »keynote stopper« regarding the fact that +300.000 users have downloaded Safari in the first 24 hours (I guess there are now +500.000 users running Safari).

‘Special Ops’ gets OK to initiate its own missions — The Washington Times

Washington Times: “Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld announced yesterday he has given new power to the nation’s covert warriors to kill and capture al Qaeda operatives and other terrorists.”

I think there have been very good reasons to control the work of special ops units in the past. I don’t think that has changed much.