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Watching the Republican Presidential Candidate Race

Watching the Republican Presidential Candidate Race. The GOP party is now witnessing the result of their constant “dumbing down” of the public about politics and political reasoning. It makes it much harder for candidates to create momentum with rational arguments about politial issues. It oopened a chance for a candidate that is unfit for a […]
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Thinking alternatives: From “Mobile” to “Mobility”

Shai Agassi is the CEO of The Better Place to get rid of oil dependency (especially for running vehicles). The idea: Give away electric cars for free (like mobile phones) and make the batteries part of the electric grid system (instead of a costly component of the car). You basically pay for miles, thus the […]
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NSA wiretaps like crazy?

Former NSA analysr Russel Tice talks publicly about the wiretapping of the National Security Agency. Obviously the NSA patched into backbones of national telecommunication providers and scanned ALL communications. Complete organisations had their communication secretly copied and backed up for investigative purposes. See yourself: Update: There is a second interview with Mr. Tice the day […]
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US officials flunk test of American history, economics, civics

Yahoo News reports: “US elected officials scored abysmally on a test measuring their civic knowledge, with an average grade of just 44 percent, the group that organized the exam said Thursday.” You can take the 33-question quiz here. I couriously tried the test and scored a 60.61% as a non-US citizen. Doesn’t this qualify me […]
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Zeitgeist: Addendum

Here is a two hour documentary by Peter Joseph from July 2008 explains so much of the backgrounds of a “corporatocracy” today, an unsustainable “monetary-ism” and religious deception that causes social and economic distress. »Zeitgeist: Addendum« is a sequel to the documentary »Zeitgeist« from 2007: Zeitgeist: Addendum, attempts to locate the root causes of this […]
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Information Design and the Monetary System

I am personally interested in how the lack of information or proper presentation of that information led to the current financial crisis. Obviously the information was available — but not well understood, not correctly aggregated or falsely interpreted by politicians that were responsible for phony policies and flawed legislations. Related posts: New seminars for winter semester Documentary […]
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The political implication of YouTube

YouTube allows people to make visible the failure of politicians. The way they remain clueless and lie about their cluelessness afterwards. This is very important. But unfortunatly a revealing YouTube video may not get the publicity it should. Related posts: Watching the Republican Presidential Candidate Race Documentary »Hello World! Processing« SwiftKey Flow Kids should learn […]
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Let’s play Bailout

It seems US government is denying its responsibility for the financial crash — and even trying to get away with new mistakes by pushing congress to agree on a plan that is hardly removing the source of the problem. Related posts: Watching the Republican Presidential Candidate Race
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Bailing out in the wrong direction

US Government is suggesting a $700 billion financial package to prevent a chain reaction at Wall Street. The US national debt to over $10 trillion dollars with just a single decision. Interestingly there are many experts that tell their own story about what this all means on the long run. Someone may wonder where this […]
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89% want to impeach Bush

MSNBC has a poll online that asks if people would impeach George W. Bush. Out of 678898 people that participated in that poll 89% think he should be. Just yesterday Dennis Kucinich presented a very long lists of articles to Congress. Here is a PDF with the transcript of his presentation. Related posts: Watching the […]
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Senate Report: Bush used Iraq intelligence he knew was falseusa,

Described in this article of the Huffington Post the U.S. Senate Select Commitee on Intelligence has released a series of reports on intelligence related to Iraq before the war. The reports show that the Bush administration actively ignored available intelligence to press ahead with an agenda that will ultimately lead to the installment of permanent […]
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Ron Paul – too intellectual and clear sighted?

When TV news here in Germany talk about the republican candidates of this years US presidential election, they usually refer to Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. And the only interesting "issue" with these two guys seems to be their religious background.
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The corrupt banking system: Money as dept

Simple introduction monetarian theory. See Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. Related posts: SIGraDI 2012 Watching the Republican Presidential Candidate Race
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Freedom to facism

This blog is about Interfacedesign. But these days it is important to see political implications of anything. So I have a post about a movie done by Aaron Russo.
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The rats leave the sinking ship…

Prominent neo-con RIchard Perle is now blaming the Bush administration for failure in Iraq: “I probably would have said, ‘Let’s consider other strategies for dealing with the thing that concerns us most, which is Saddam supplying weapons of mass destruction to terrorists,'” he told Vanity Fair magazine in its upcoming January issue. Kenneth Adelman, another […]
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The beginning of the end

Nothing to add to this one…. Related posts: Watching the Republican Presidential Candidate Race
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Why I like online video

Disregarding the legal issues with copyrighted material on YouTubes and Google Video servers (I can’t check those as a regular user), there are some clips where I am simply glad that they are available online, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see them: documentaries, political commentaries and satire. Just some examples: Commentary: Olbermann on […]
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Search statistics about human trends through Google and watch it move with Gapminder. This is an interesting Flash application allowing to see changes of data over time. [via Tim Bruysten] There is also a video of the presentation. I especially found interesting what the presenter was saying about designers. He was showing this slides like […]
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USA on the verge of a dictatorship?

Jack Cafferty points out a problem with the NSA spying on US citizens.
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Which country to invade next?

Like Michael Moore once said: »If you want to bomb a country you should at least be able to point it on a map!«. I would add you should at least be able to name some kind of reason. Just watch this video: It’s a little bit hard to see in the video: These people […]
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