Open Source software lacks good interface design

Michelle Levesque contemplates about the role of Interface Design in Open Source Software: The lack of focus on user interface design causes users to prefer proprietary software’s more intuitive interface. Open Source software tends to lack the complete and accessible documentation that retains users. Developers focus on features in their software, rather than ensuring that […]

Decoding visual language elements in news content

A great visual analisys and reflection on how to use images in order to shape people´s minds: News delivery in this country (USA) is increasingly comprised of carefully crafted displays of visual information. As consumers of information, however, most of us have never been taught to critically read or decode images and other graphic displays […]

First Principles

Bruce Tognazzini: »The following principles are fundamental to the design and implementation of effective interfaces, whether for traditional GUI environments or the web. Of late, many web applications have reflected a lack of understanding of many of these principles of design, to their great detriment. Because an application or service appears on the web, the […]


There seems to be what or ActiveWorlds (formerly »Alphaworld«) always meant to be. I was once asked to do a concept for a similar project called Nikoworld. The company hired 80 people that were working on 3D enviroments and high-end machines – no concept. To deliver a concept I asked to set up my […]