MP3 blogs

Many independ music composers circumvent the labels completely. But publishing their music online is just one part. They need to become a hot tip also. And there are many that help by running weblogs about this music and that link to the MP3 files and videos of these artists. There are some examples collected in […]


I haven’t seen this application before: WorldKit WorldKit is an easy to use and highly flexible mapping application for the Web. It’s a Flash based app, configured entirely by XML, data fed by RSS, and requires no programming or extra software. It’s in the style of World as a Blog, with many more features: customizable […]

Realtime Wiki

I am playing around with Wiki tools. Because Zope is the platform on my current development agenda I looked into ZWiki. It offers full Plone integration and support for the ExternalEditor Extension (which means that I can click on small pens to edit pages inside my favorite text editor instead of a textarea inside the […]

SubEthaEdit 2.0 released

SubEthaEdit is a group-enabled text editor for Mac OS X and it has been updated to version 2.0. Some of the new features: Regular Expression Find and Replace New collaboration feature: Invitations Read only access to documents Show invisible characters Autocompletion Splitview More powerful syntax modes Preferences per syntax mode 300% more efficient network protocol […]

On Outliners

Here is a teriffic series of articles about outliner software: NoteTaker and NoteBook—May 2004 Announcing the FORE/1 Outliner—Apr 2004 Legacy Outliners—Mar 2004 Outliner User Interfaces—Feb 2004 Outliner Use Patterns—Dec 2003 Outliner Features—Part 2—Nov 2003 Outliner Features—Part 1—Oct 2003 Outliner History—Sep 2003

Apple boosts professional digital media authoring tools

Apple releases Apple Motion and DVD Studio Pro 3. Motion ($299) seems to be rivaling Adobe After Effects ($999). I have seen Final Cut (now with high definition support) shooting out Adobe Premiere long ago and even boiled Avid Media Composer with ease. DVD Studio Pro is to my knowledge a very good DVD authoring […]