Document/window sharing in next iChat? is spreading the roumor that Apple might introduce a new iChat version with sharing. It is the #1 request I have for iChat: it would allow possible to give remote presentations. Yes, there are other applications that had this feature for years (like NetMeeting), but iChat was the only application that actually worked for video conferencing. This might have changed with vSkype – but I need a Mac solution for this.

Podcasting applied to TV

It wasn’t even a question of time when this was going to happen: Subscription TV (see

DTV uses the Bittorrent technology to distribute the files. Very clever. So this leaves one question: How to find content? There is this built in channel guide that seems to be similar to the podcast support in iTunes 4.9. But I don’t see centralized channel guides to be the long term solutions. There will be some kind of collective filtering/classification similar to what is for bookmarking that is not requiring hired editors to update a channel guide for thousands of feeds.

And then we need to get rid of several competing resource collections by implementing metadata interchange protocols hat allow searching and classification in a P2P network on a global scale.

I am just playing around with the MacOS X Beta of ther DTV client – and it looks fairly easy to use (the iTunes users experience made it’s way into the collective mind of interface designers I’d say…). A side note: the “windows version coming soon” message is some kind of landmark!