The concept of presence

This is an interesting article about presence. A number of emerging technologies including virtual reality, simulation rides, video conferencing, home theater, and high definition television are designed to provide media users with an illusion that a mediated experience is not mediated, a perception defined here as presence. Traditional media such as the telephone, radio, television, […]


M C Morgan about weblogs and wikis: “Blogs and wikis, because they are different spaces, manifest/take advantage of/engage different epistemic and rhetorical possibilities and serve different rhetorical and epistemic ends. They engage different rhetorics: one topical, carved from the inside out; the other chronological, staying on top of things.[…]However, posting on a blog is easier […]

Blogging the Market

“The most complete exploration of blogs in corporate environments I’ve seen: Blogging the Market: “How Weblogs are turning corporate machines into real conversations…But it’s not simply that organisations have forgotten how to speak and listen to their customers. They are afraid of doing so. They are petrified of letting go.” Works in every browser except […]

Personal use of corporate computers is good

Found via Lilia Efimova: “Personal web usage in workplace offers benefits for employees, employers, new book concludes [via Judith Meskill]: websurfing for personal reasons during work hours results in “better time management, reduction in stress, adding to skill sets, and helping to achieve a balance between work and personal life”.Games at work may be good […]

Why presidential candidate weblogs aren’t working

Dave Winer figured out that weblogs of presidential candidates don’t work. Dave Winer: Yesterday I was interviewed about presidential weblogs.Got me thinking. I keep reading the candidate weblogs, waiting to be inspired, or even interested. So far the only one worth pointing to, imho, is the DNC weblog. It’s the only one that’s engaged, in […]

Uses/benefits of blogging for knowledge workers

This another slide of my presentation, but this one is probably the most important for me as this is the frame I use to think about weblogs in my PhD research trying to summarise (possible) uses/benefits of blogging for knowledge workers. What’s in it for me? Publishing Personal information management Watching trends, staying updated (~’search’ […]

Thoughts on Perseus blog survey

Right in time for BloggerCon: The Blog Survey from 66% of blogs are abandoned. Only 10% of webloggers appear to be older tha 30. Interestingly the study did not include some “advanced” power-user weblog tools like MovableType, Manila or Radio Userland and not even Blogger. Besides of TypePad they only inlcuded blogging software that […]