How weird the job of an character animator can be

So, you’d think that the job of an computer graphics animator would involve nothing but sitting in front of a screen and clicking little icons and buttons all day long? Well, looking at these folks I think the curricula may need some tweaking for the required skill sets… 😉

Enabled comments via Haloscan

Marco Kalz complained about a missing comment feature. So, Marco, especially for you: Comments! I did not want to implement a comment feature myself, so I use the free Haloscan service to add comments and trackbacks. The drawback of this is, that comments may get lost once I want to quit the service.

Return from Hamburg

I am in the train back to Cologne. I am thinking about, what I was seeing and hearing the last two days at the Campus Innovation conference. The conference theme was trying to bring educatiors and administration closer together in context of e-Education. Talking about the different sessions would make this a very long post.…… Continue reading Return from Hamburg

CS site up

I seems I am making a slow move to Plone. I just replaced a static Manila-driven homepage of me with a Plone site. After working on a Plone skin for a client it seems creating a design for Plone has become less of an obstacle. The main problem I have is lack of time: there…… Continue reading CS site up


YES! My DSL connection was just upgraded to 6MBit/s downstream. It’s amazing that these speeds are available for consumers for affordable flat rates. I remember a comment made by Derrick De Kerckhove in the final panel of a 4th doors of perception conference about »Speed« in 1996: No body is complaining about the television being…… Continue reading Upgraded!

Fighting wiki spam

I lost the wiki on this site due to hackers. I didn’t have a recent backup so I am trying to recover as much as possible from Google cache. The wiki wasn’t a wiki anymore anyway: i needed to close it for public editing due to spam bots. The best solution I have seen for…… Continue reading Fighting wiki spam

Downtime – arrrgh!

My server was hacked and the provider decided to completely eliminate the whole system without confirmation. Lot’s of reconfiguration and updating needed. Most functionality is gone. Comments are lost. The wiki as well. ARRGH! Shouldn’t a provider call to negotiate further actions? This is really weird.

New Gmail invitations

Google has upgraded the invitations in Gmail. I now have 50 invitations left. And it appears to be the standard for all users. If you want one please comment here (click on the date above). I won’t send an invitation if you don’t state your real name and your personal website. Update: Comments closed. No…… Continue reading New Gmail invitations

Destructive Wiki spam

I had my wiki locked for anonymous editing to get rid of spammers. Only one or two pages were editable because I wanted people to be able to work on them. I was hoping that spammers would turn down if they can’t find an editable page ad hoc. Not so. In “return” they did not…… Continue reading Destructive Wiki spam

Tsunamis at Wikipedia

This Wikipedia page is very interesting: While the tsunami wave of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was by far the deadliest ever recorded it was by far not the highest: that was recorded 1958 in Alaska and was created by a land slide inside a small fjord (LItuya Bay) causing a wave to reach high…… Continue reading Tsunamis at Wikipedia

Extremely annoying

My provider was unable to charge my credit card properly – but even after admitting it his own fault last week my server was locked down yesterday. So I had a downtime of one day. Sorry.


After getting comment spam for a while I found my wiki pages were spammed as well: someone added hundreds of links obiously to tune the page rank algorithm of google. There does not seem to be an easy way to deal with this issue. So I needed to disable open wiki editing (which equals not…… Continue reading Spam


It has been quite silent here the last month. I was very busy and blogging had to be suspended for a while. This will change soon – there have been a lot of things going on. Here’s what is up next: 1. Election in US: a very bad decision to re-elect Bush. But it seems…… Continue reading Re-surrection

Comment spamming

I was hoping that with a custom comment system I would be immune to comment spamming. But unfortunalty that doesn’t seem to be the case. It is easy to clean up, but I think I will have to place a burden on that spam bots. Spam is the dirt of the Internet.

Back from Frankfurt

The “Future of computing” presentation at the Museum for Communication went well although only few people appeared (among them was Jochen Robes from who happened to read about it here). Jochen suggested I should have advertised the event more on my weblog, but I assume this wouldn’t have made much of a difference. I…… Continue reading Back from Frankfurt